Settimana del Baratto Liguria Province of Savona Alassio L'Ancora


Guesthouse | Via Xx Settembre 185, 185/1 - ALASSIO | Zona: Mare | Tel. 320 3038794 | Cell. 320 3038794
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Location and style
Our guesthouse is on the coast, near to beaches and local lido facilities ("Bagni Pietro", "Bagni Torino", "Bagni Sergio", "Bagni Lucia", "Bagni Selin", "Bagni Ligure", "Spiaggia di Alassio", "Bagni Molo", "Bagni Italia", "Bagni Perato", "Bagni Mario", "Bagni Millo", "Bagni Elide", "Bagni Nettuno", "Bagni Delfino", "Bagni Pin", "Bagni Manin", "Bagni Vittoria", "Bagni Sirena", "Bagni Suisse", "Bagni Carlotta", "Bagni San Francesco", "Bagni Concordia", "Bagni Alexandra", "Bagni Levante", "Bagni Gino", "Bagni Lucio", "Bagni Palace", "Bagni Cicin", "Bagni San Vincenzo", "Bagni Lino", "Bagni Savoia", "Bagni Torrione", "Bagni Hotel Lido"...). "L'Ancora" is hospitable and comfortable.
Our guests will be able to stroll and shop in the shopping streets.
Near our facility you can find everything to meet all the needs of every traveller.
Our residence is the perfect location all families on the move will feel right at home here.
Accommodation features
our guests receive en-suite bathroom in every room, free Wi-Fi, heating rooms, come back at any time of day, a light-filled terrace.

Our rooms
Our rooms include hairdryer, internet access, beds for children (to be requested when booking), TV, dressing table, mini-bar.
We can accommodate up to 8 guests in:
2 rooms "Camera 1 Matr O 2 Letti Sing. " each of which can accommodate 3 people
1 room "Camera 1 Matrim. O 2 Singoli" will accommodate 2 people
We're pleased to welcome your furry friends.
Getting around
The location makes our facility perfect for the city's Christmas markets and window displays, close to the railway station so ideal for those travelling by train "Alassio Train Station".