from 14 to 20 November 2016
Barter Week Press Release

Press Release

“Barter Week” and International Success: from 2017 the event will engage B&Bs and travellers worldwide

The event raised unexpected interest from all over the globe. B&Bs and travellers from Europe and beyond are already registering on the site:

It’s not who you are, but what you do: that’s the philosophy behind Barter Week, which yesterday closed its eighth edition with the same success as previous years and garnered rising interest from B&B hosts, travellers, and domestic and international media, embarking on a challenge to push boundaries beyond Italian borders for Barter Week 2017.

The sheer enthusiasm that surrounds the initiative has spread to many countries in Europe and beyond, who have devoted considerable column inches to the Week. Some even sent reporters to investigate. The main attraction for participants was not just a chance to be able to stay for free, but how this comes about, with its enrichment of human relationships and the personal skills and expertise of those involved. There were thousands of travellers who offered goods and services to B&B hosts through the site and Barter Week’s Facebook page in exchange for accommodation.

Over 2,000 B&Bs in Italy take part in Barter Week, and every year they reiterate their willingness to accommodate travellers in exchange for some very useful goods or services. Moreover, the decision to schedule the event for the third week in November allows them to even out tourist flows and raise awareness of their business at a time of year that is usually considered out of season.

Thanks to the interest of the international press, the staff of received numerous requests to replicate this initiative in other countries. The team at Studio Scivoletto – which runs the portal – is already working to extend Barter Week beyond Italian borders thanks to the international version of the event, and will take place in November 2017.

B&Bs and travellers who would like to be part of this style of travel experience and get involved by sharing goods, skills and knowledge in exchange for accommodation, can sign up immediately on




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