Settimana del Baratto Marches Rimini B&B La Gatta Blu


Bed & Breakfast | Via Bartoli, 28 - CATTOLICA | Zona: Mare | Tel. 0541 968247 | Cell. 335 7733870 | Fax 0541 968247
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This property takes part in Settimana del Baratto from 18th to 24th November 2019
Barter accepted all year round

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Location and style
Our B& B is located on the coast, near to beaches and local lido facilities ('Bagni 12', 'Bagni 16 Sunshine Beach', 'Bagni 18 19 Flora e Carmela', 'Bagni 20 Tinharé Beach Bar', 'Bagni 21 23 Cesare Umberto', 'Bagni 24 25 Renato', 'Bagni 28', 'Bagni 29 30 Nino', 'Bagni 26', 'Bagni 7 Franco', 'Bagni 8 Lele', 'Bagni 9 10 11 Regina Beach', 'Lido 2 3 Beach Luna Rossa', 'Lido 4 Zen Beach', 'Lido 5 Beach Luna Rossa', 'Lido 6 Sandro', 'Lido 7 8 Armando', 'Lido 10 11 Beach Luna Rossa', 'Lido 12 13 14 15 16 Beach Luna Rossa', 'Lido 17 Mario Lino Enrico'. . .) ideal for wellness, with generous spa waters and facilities (Terme di Riccione), in a location with a spectacular view, in the historic heart of the city. "B & B La Gatta Blu" is hospitable and comfortable.
Our location and the surrounding area offer our guests a chance to stroll around the lights and colours of the shopping streets wander amid the scents and sounds of the area's many gardens.
Near our facility you can find culture, sports, leisure, shopping, events, time out, and all the holiday.
Our property is the perfect place for families who want to stay in a home from home, also thanks to special services just for your children, for a dream vacation in a discreet, romantic setting, wellness and fitness at nearby spas, for some time out to relax.
Accommodation features
our guests receive rooms with different bathroom options (private, en-suite, shared), free Wi-Fi, heating rooms, smoking areas, come back at any time of day, car park, parking space, well-tended garden, kitchenette.
Our rooms
Our rooms include hairdryer, internet access, TV, mirror with luggage rack.
We have available 3 rooms:
1 room with en-suite bathroom.
2 rooms without en-suite bathroom.
Our delicious breakfasts to start the day.
The hosts speak fluent Italian, English, french, german.
Getting around
The location makes our facility perfect for the city's Christmas markets and window displays, easily reached from the nearby 'Autostrada A14'.