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Brooke Herron
Who am I?

I have 14 1/2 years of professional wine industry experience as well as events management, sales and marketing and social media management experience so I understand wine regions and tourism and the types of audience/clientele that premium wine regions need to reach. I also have writer/blogger/sommelier/restaurant/import contacts.

What can I do for you?

I will manage 2-3 social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or Facebook and Instagram) and grow the audience and engagement significantly, while also contributing to marketing in general and doing outreach to influencers/bloggers who can help to promote the business. I can also write and publish blog posts on forums that have significant audiences.

What I need: I would need a minimum of a one month stay to make any progress with this type of project (though longer would be much better for marketing), and also will need to confirm that the business has a good website, a sufficient # of high quality images to use, and has a unique and high quality property that has potential to market to International audiences.

I love to help businesses reach more people and to share amazing businesses with the right audience. Its my passion! I particularly love businesses that have a connection to wine and vineyards or that have a lot of history and are higher end accommodation as this is the best fit for my audience.

Parlo un po d'Italiano. Sono Americana pero ho un pasaporte European anche

I am free to come and stay from May 15 to June 15th or from May 15th until the end of June. However, I may have a possibility to also give a part of the month of July.
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