Barter Week Apulia Lecce Alessano Masseria Galatea


Bed & Breakfast | Strada Provinciale 210, 191 - ALESSANO | Zona: Mare | Cell. 328 7482252
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This property takes part in Barter Week from 13 to 19 November 2017

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"Masseria Galatea" is a rural b & b, in the bucolic landscape of Salento, a few km from the sea.

In farmhouse reigns silence, peace and tranquility own of a time past and a diligent and patient peasant life.

Who will arrive there, stop thinking at the passage of time, leaving live by the length and calm that characterizes the Salento.

The "masseria" consists of 4 double bedrooms, independent and equipped with every comfort.

For guests, an exclusive pool with relaxation area.

The farm covers an eco-friendly philosophy with sustainable and environmentally friendly services, making it a destination for a careful and responsible tourism.

In addition, for us the exchange of goods and services is based on the authentic and genuine relationships.

For this, the accommodation business that we manage is intended as a "give and take" based on mutual respect, in a continuous exchange of ideas, values, knowledges and experiences.

So we adhere to the "barter week" because the sincere exchange is the foundation of our philosophy of life.

In this way, travelers, in exchange for a totally free holiday, can express themselves and their skills.

At the same time, they can experience a total relaxation, in contact with local people and with nature, discovering the authenticity of Salento.